Most Creation sites spend a lot of their time fighting evolution.   OK...if you are visiting this site i'm guessing that you are smart enough to know that the entire universe, you and i included, did not come from something smaller than a period in this sentence (which of course begs the question...where did that come from).  Instead of fighting evolution, my suggestion is that you read "scientific" articles with something in mind that takes a LOT less faith...that God created everything.  All reports in the main stream media, public school textbooks, and shows on TV assume that evolution is true.

Here is the fun part.  When you watch Godless TV channels such as Discovery or National Geographic, or read or watch the news,  look for words like 'design', 'created', 'built'.   You may not believe it until you watch or read, but they are in almost every TV show, and are in many articles.
Example of this...the cheetah was designed for speed...the dogs nose was built to smell things much better than humans.
Everything before the flood was different.  Many plants, animals and even humans were a LOT bigger.  People lived a LOT longer and were a LOT smarter (i laugh at the Geico commercials too, but sorry...there was no such thing as a stupid "cave man").  There were many inventions BEFORE the flood.  Many (if not most) of these were lost and later (very likely including recently) re-invented.  The ancient "wonders" of the world may have been magnificent even to those that lived when they were built.  It should NOT be a surprise to a Bible believer that people were smart enough just before (in the possible case of the Great Pyramid) and shortly after to build them.

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